What are the advantages of land leasing over buying a piece of property?

The land lease arrangement at Valleyview Estates allows you to own your own custom designed detached retirement lifestyle home for true privacy and independence while keeping the funds normally spent on the land purchase available for discretionary or emergency purposes. In addition, you have the assurance that community standards will be carefully maintained. You can enjoy the community social and recreational amenities, and you will live in a beautiful country setting only minutes from shopping and medical service and area attractions.

What does the monthly fee include?

The monthly fee covers leasing the home site, water and sewer, use of recreational facilities, common area street lighting, repair and maintenance of underground utilities, and maintenance of all common areas including roadways and winter snow plowing of roadways.

Does the monthly fee change and by how much?

Yes, the monthly fee generally increases annually in small increments. We keep increases limited to the amount necessary to maintain community standards and services that our residents want and expect. By changing fees to cover cost changes each year, we avoid having to make a large adjustment at a later date - a surprise our residents would neither want nor appreciate.

What are fee increases based on?

Increases are based on :the Cost of Living, and always in accordance with the Ontario Tenant Protection Act; controllable costs such as maintenance and payroll; and uncontrollable costs such as utility charges, land taxes, and insurance expenses.

Is Valleyview Estates an exclusive 50+ Retirement Community?

Yes, Valleyview Estates takes great pride in being one of the only legal communities set-up exclusively marketing as a 50+ development. Unlike mobile home parks, we do not have sections in our community for younger families with children, therefore there is no school bus pick-up.

Can our grandchildren stay and visit with us?

Yes, we have no restrictions on guests other than they are required to abide by the same rules as our residents. Many grandparents say "We love to see our grandchildren come and love to see them go home as well" - a benefit of our 50+ Active Adult Retirement Community.

Are all of your rules actually enforced?

Yes. Residents move to Valleyview Estates because of our community standards and the stability the rules create. These standards were written based on common sense and our years of experience as leaders in our industry, and also input from past and present residents. It is our obligation to you to ensure that they are enforced and that everyone is treated equally.

Are house pets allowed?

Yes, they are allowed with prior written consent. We recognize that to many people, an animal companion is a loyal and needed friend.

How do we sell our home if we need or want to?

You may sell your home independently, through an agent, or by listing your home with Valleyview Estates. In the case of an estate, the inheritor(s) may move into the home provided they meet all the applicable entry requirements or sell the home to another qualified party.

How do I know that the Coburns will not sell our leased land to someone else?

Creating and managing Land-Lease Communities is the Coburns only business, and our history has been to maintain ownership as a long-term investment - not buying and selling properties. We hope that our two generations of family leadership demonstrates this clearly.

Do you sell your modular homes outside of Valleyview Estates community?

Absolutely. We sell our homes on building lots anywhere in Ontario. Keep in mind the A277 standards of building are the highest standards enforced by the Ontario Building Code. Most people today building a home choose modular housing over site built homes because of the superior craftsmanship and unmatched value.

Legally, would it be an option to buy a home and live in a trailer park year round?

Absolutely not. Trailer parks are not legally zoned for residential or permanent occupancy. The intended use for trailer parks is strictly for temporary seasonal use, even if the park owner tells you that they are a 4 seasons park. Buyer beware! Phone the local municipality (planning department), ask questions, and retrieve a copy of the land use zonings.

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